Q. We bag a hygroscopic powder. After filling our bulk bags we store them from four to six weeks before shipping. Our customers complain that often times the product has clumped in the bag and makes discharging difficult. What is the best way for us to fix this problem?
A. Flex-E-Sack LLC recommends using liners in bags with products where moisture can affect the product. A standard 3mil LDPE liner will often times solve this problem...we sell bags with liners and we also sell liners on rolls.

Q. We ship nuts and want to know which bags provide air flow and or would be best for us to use?
A. There are a number of fabrics that we produce bulk bags from that are suited to provide air flow or allow the product inside to "breathe", one of these products is UN Coated woven poly propylene...the other type of product we offer is known as a Ventilated woven poly propylene. UN Coated Woven Poly Propylene is the best choice when shipping nuts and similarly smaller products. In the case of larger products such as onions or potatoes the best choice is the Ventilated Fabric. Flex-E-Sack LLC stocks a number of bags with UN Coated fabrics and we also Carry several different types of ventilated fabric bags.

Q. What information do I need to size a bag and or to choose the right size bag for me? 
A. We offer a "Bag Sizing Manuel" for sale at a very reasonable price...this Manuel will provide you with everything you need to know on how to size bags for optimal performance. This includes sizing bags for containers, rail cars, flat beds and truck vans. Sizing a bag properly can save thousands and thousands of dollars in hard costs of bags and also hard costs of dunnage and also soft costs such as labor costs for your operators and so forth...it's money well spent when buying our bag sizing manual. Another option to bag sizing is to choose our "bag designing" serviceā€¦for a small amount of money we will design the perfect sized bag for you and your product to ship in railcars and truck vans as well as shipping containers. Check it out in our store, let us do the hard work for you!

Q. We bag a cement product that is very hard to control. Our bags lean and slump on their pallets and have occasionally fallen off the pallets. To prevent this we have to use a lot of stretch film to wrap the bag to the pallet. We also have to use oversized bags. How can we correct this problem? 
A. This is another problem which can be solved by sizing the bag properly AND filling the bag properly..a full bag is a bag that will behave. A bag that is not full will misbehave every time. The only way to get a bag to fill completely is to size the bag properly and fill it properly. Get a copy of our "filling bags for maximum performance" and our "bag sizing Manuel" and you will have all the tools needed to handle these types of bag issues...what you learn from these two manuels could save you thousands!

Q. We buy about 15,000 bulk bags per year and the cost for these bags seems high. Can we recondition our bags to get another cycle or two out of them?
A. This is a great question and the answer is, MAYBE. There are a lot of factors involved when determining if a bag is suitable for reconditioning or not. See our bag reconditioning page for more information on this and drop us an email afterward if you like and we will be happy to evaluate your circumstances to let you know if you are a good candidate or not.

Q. I order large volumes of bulk bags but your store doesn't show you carry as many bags as I normally buy. Can you sell me full container loads of bags?
A. YES! We do sell full container loads of bags. Our primary focus however is serving the smaller user of bags but we are happy to take full container orders from select customers. If you are a large volume user send an inquiry including your bag spec and contact info to fibcsales@flexesack.com and one of our fantastic sales staff will get back to you quickly.