Flex-E-Sack LLC was founded by two long time friends, each with more than 20 years of experience in the bulk Packaging Industry. The founding partners formed Flex-E-Sack to provide customers with OPTIONS, lots of options! The majority of the options we offer center around our providing customers with the best of todays technological advancements in the bulk packaging industry. The advanced technologies that Flex-E-Sack provides begins with our hassle free online ordering storefront. Never before have customers been able to order products & services such as ours online and have them delivered expediently right to their doorstep! Our advancements continue on with high quality stock bags that have custom features which utilize advanced technologies to overcome the most common problems in using bulk bags. 

Our flagship product of FIBC's is the foundation of Flex-E-Sack and everything we do revolves around them.

The founders 40 plus combined years of experience has resulted in a product mix that is second to none. All of Flex-E-Sack products are manufactured using 1st grade materials and are produced by plants that are empowered with the latest state of the art production equipment and methodologies.

In other words, we sell only the best and most advanced bulk bags and related products and we offer them at the most competitive prices you will find anywhere in the U.S.A

BUT WE DONT STOP THERE! We also provide excellent customer service and for those customers requiring it we offer solutions and problems solving on a case by case basis. Our educational library is quite extensive and most customers can find something there to benefit from. These materials cover everything from basic bag filling techniques to that of how to properly size a bag for maximum efficiencies. We even offer loading patterns and a Haz Bag guide and MUCH MORE!