Flex-E-sack's Stock Bag Inventories are only the tip of the iceberg of what we can offer bag users!

Where we really shine is by providing CUSTOM BULK BAGS that are designed uniquely to meet each individual bag users needs! On a case by case basis we can assist bag users in designing just the right bulk bag for them. We understand that no two customers needs are 100% percent exactly alike. 

Our custom bag design team has extensive experience in designing bulk bags for any type of bag user. Bags with special filling tops or special discharging bottoms. Bags that fit filling equipment perfectly and that do not slump or fall off the pallet after being filled....these examples are just a few of the custom bag features we can design around.

We have exclusive factory relationships where we can have your bags custom produced and delivered to your company in 10 to 12 weeks or less!

If you need custom bulk bags delivered on a RUSH BASIS we can have them made here in the USA or in Mexico or Guatemala which will get bags in your hands in as short a lead time as a few days to only one weeks time!

We stand ready to listen to your specific needs and make recommendations and or just straight away duplicate your existing custom bag spec's.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Customer service toll free # 866-631-BAGS (2247) 8am to 5pm CDT M-F