(L-1) Bulk Bag Dispenser (1 unit)


Product Details;

  • Listing is for ONE Dispenser
  • COMPARE DYNAFLOW Bulk Bag Dispensers TO FLEDBAG dispensers and you will quickly see a very unique distinction between Dynaflow and Fledbag...The first MAJOR DIFFERENCE is that with Fledbag you will need TWO DIFFERENT UNITS to perform the same job that is done with only one Dynaflow Dispenser! That is simply because our unit is designed to be two units in one...the Fledbag Easy and Fledbag Profi together will cost you $439 bucks!! Ouchie!! Our Dynaflow unit is basically BOTH UNITS IN ONE! OUR PRICE?? CHEAPER THAN THEIR MAIN SINGLE UNIT! Its a no brainer...Dynaflow eliminates the need for a second unit and is WAY-WAY Cheaper! The quality of our unit by the way??? Its just as good if not better! GUARANTEED. 

  • Dynaflow Big Bag Dispenser is the ideal waste saver when working with filled bulk bags! With proper care the heavy duty unit It will last for years.

  • Dynaflow Big Bag Dispenser is easily fitted to any type of big bag in seconds by sitting the filled bulk bag on top of the dispenser or by attaching it to the discharge chute on the big bag. The Dynaflow dispenser allows the flow of material to be controlled to the exact quantity required by opening and closing a sliding chute. Simply use the handle on the discharger to open the flow of the product stored in the bag and control how much flows by how fully you open the handle.


    • SAVE money by only having to buy one dispenser instead of two with Fedbag
    • Save money & time by not having to dig the product out of the top of the bag manually
    • Take out just what you need
    • Store safely unused material in the bulk bag
    • Direct & Control the discharge flow with easy to use folding handle
    • Use multiple times and easy to move bag to bag (will last many years)
    • Low investment cost

    Use With Free flowing materials:

    • Seed, malt, grain
    • Fertilizers
    • Salt, gravel
    • Wood pellets, pelleted feed
    • Plastic, etc.