BAG RECONDITIONING can significantly reduce a companies overall packaging costs! Every additional "trip" or use you get from a bag reduces the number of new bags that have to be purchased which saves the customer money.

Not every customer is a good candidate for bag reconditioning, certain factors dictate whether the user is a probable candidate or not. These factors include how many bags the customer is currently buying each year, what the customer is putting in the bag and other factors such as exposure to the elements. All of these things and more have to be considered when deciding if bag reconditioning is right for your company or not.

If you want to explore this possibility please email us your information to please include your company name and contact name and phone number, along with what size(s) you are currently using now and how many bags you are buying a year. Also tell us what you are putting in the bags and include any other information we may need to know.

The cost for bag reconditioning can be as low as only $2.00 per bag!